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July 25, 2023

Aloha Orchard Plantation Farmers,

We are sorry to advise you that the Orchard Plantation project has been cancelled for the time being.

Unfortunately, there is a title issue and Dole is wants us to accept title as-is. Since Dole is unwilling to clear the title, we have determined that this is too much of a risk for our farmers.
Within the next week or two, we will be closing escrow and we will be refunding your license deposits.

If you want to be assured of a farm lot, we encourage you to move to Ohana Farm Parcels. Enclosed is a map of the available farm lots at the Ohana Farm Parcels project. The price is $130,000 per acre and these farms have R-1 water.

Again, we are deeply sorry that we must withdraw from the transaction, but it would be careless to purchase the property if the title is not clear. We will continue to communicate with Dole on possibly restructuring the deal.

A new agricultural project by Peter Savio has just been announced that provides 155 acres of Waialua orchard land (which uses R2 water and is more affordable). Orchard Plantation will be a Fee simple Organic and Non-Organic agricultural project and will be made available to the public to give local farmers the opportunity to own the land they farm.

Orchard Plantation will have 155, 1 acre lots, with a minimum acquisition of 2 acres per parcel at $130,000.00 per acre, with existing and new roads and plans for a possible Plantation Camp. 

Own the Land you farm. A new farming/orchard plantation project by Peter Savio, Orchard Plantation, will offer local farmers the opportunity to own fee simple land in Waialua, HI.

Upcoming Meetings


TIME: 9:00 A.M. Informational Update
9:30 A.M. Lottery Begins
130 Mango Street, Wahiawa

All Orchard Farmers who want a farm lot must attend.


SAVIO GROWTH ORCHARD PLANTATION LLC (Developer) desires to develop approximately 155 acres of agriculture land. SAVIO GROWTH ORCHARD PLANTATION LLC is an entity controlled by Hawaii affordable real estate developer, Peter Savio.

Farmers who reserved lots will need to have 50% to 100% down. (1) Cash Buyers get a 99-year license; (2) Farmers with 50% or more get a 99-year renewable license. The developer will use the funds to buy the land from the Seller and pay vendors. Once the developer has purchased the land from Seller, the farmer will be able to start prepping the farm once the land survey is done. Farmer can start farming once the temporary water and/or when irrigation system is in place. Rent of $200 an acre will be prorated if less than 100% is paid in by a Farmer. Temporary water will be supplied until water lines are in. Cost of water is estimated at $0.60 per 1,000 gallons.

Orchard Plantation will be a 155 acre fee simple Organic and Non-Organic agricultural project in Waialua, Oahu. The land uses R2 water and will be open to orchard land farming.

Orchard Plantation will have approximately 119, one acre/lots, with a minimum acquisition of 2 acres per parcel at $130,000.00 per acre, with existing and new gravel roads and land for a possible Plantation Camp.

Lottery was held 2/18/2023. The developer offered for sale units containing an aggregate land area of approximately 155 acres. Approximately 120 acres of farmable land was offered.

The size of the individual units have not yet been determined. However, developer offered units of sizes varying between approximately 2 and 5 acres. If you are interested in a unit larger than 5 acres, please contact a sales agent for further information.

Savio Realty Ltd has been hired by the Developer to assist Developer with the sale of units in the Project.

Fill out the form on the website team will contact you. Since all lots have been chosen, you will be placed on the back-up list and for future project mailing list so you can be informed timely about our new projects.

The Project is located in the Agricultural State Land Use District and is zoned AG-2.

The Tax Map Key Number is (1) 6-5-005-008. Each unit within the project receives a TMK number which will include a unique CPR number that identifies the unit in the condominium.

No, your cars, trucks and equipment will need to be parked within your unit.

Roads will not be improved with asphalt, concrete or other semi-permanent materials. Main roads easements are 48 feet wide. There are some side roads already installed and a few new ones will be added. These side roads will be 24 feet wide and will be gravel.

Yes, it’s R2 water, which is good for crops that grow above ground, such as orchards, and flowers, etc. Water comes from a nearby water reservoir.

Yes, there is. Irrigation water lines and risers will go to each farm. Irrigation Plan can be found on the condominium map once it is completed.

The Developer will provide water pipes up to each unit. Developer will also provide risers. The farmer is responsible to buy a water meter and have it installed at farmer’s expense. The AOUO will provide the water meter specifications. Farmers will be billed separately for water usage. Cost for water has not yet been determined. Cost is estimated at $.60 per 1,000 gallons. Water pressure will vary but will be adequate for Farmers use.

Dole Plantation has farmed this land previously. It has been farmed as Pineapple since 1990’s and sugar cane about 100 years before that.

Blocks A, C, D, J, H and M have been designated for organic orchard farmers.

Developer intends to reserve a portion of the Project for the potential development of a Plantation Camp. However, development of a Plantation Camp will require discretionary approvals from one or more governmental agencies and Developer is under no obligation – and does not guaranty – that a Plantation Camp will be developed or pursued in connection with the development of the Project. Even if a Plantation Camp is ultimately permitted within the Project, owners (and not the Developer) of the Plantation Camp units will be responsible for the construction of any improvements related to such units. If you are considering buying a farm lot to get a house, you should not buy because all the approvals needed may not happen.

Before Developer can sell or offer to sell any units within the Project, the condominium documents will need to be registered with the Real Estate Commission under a developer’s public report, and the Real Estate Commission will need to issue an effective date for the developer’s public report. At this time, Developer does not currently have a timeline for when these conditions will be completed.

Developer intends to utilize Old Republic Title, Pacific Guardian Center – Mauka Tower, 737 Bishop Street, Suite 2200, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 as the escrow company for closing on the sale of units in the Project.

The Developer intends to use:
Professional Island Management
1451 S. King Street, Suite 409
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Telephone: (808) 536-3020

Property Manager:
Clarence Lopez
Mobile: (808) 284-1612

AOUO is a condominium term and it stands for the Association of Unit Owners. The Association of Unit Owners is responsible for administration of the common areas of the Condominium Project and enforcing the project documents. The Association of Unit Owners is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of owners of units in the Condominium Project who have been elected by a vote of all the owners. Think of the AOUO Board of Directors as the “City Council” for the Orchard Plantation project.

Pursuant to the condominium law, the first meeting of the Association of Unit Owners must be held within 180 days after recordation of the first unit conveyance provided that 40% or more of the project has been sold and recorded; and if 40% of the project is not sold and recorded at the end of one year after recordation of the first unit conveyance, an annual meeting shall be called if 10% of the unit owners so request.

The project does not currently have a Resident Manager, and the Developer does not plan to have a Resident Manager as part of its development of the Project.

Generally, included in the maintenance fees are common area maintenance, insurance, reserves and property management fee.

Developer is working on lining up lenders for this project. Since many people have had their equity increase in their homes, an equity loan might be a way to finance the purchase of a unit in the Project. Each condominium unit will have a separate tax map key. Once condominium has an effective date, financing may be available. Project may qualify for the government farm loan programs. Developer does not guaranty that a purchaser, the Project or any specific unit in the Project will qualify for financing, and it is up to each individual purchaser to determine whether financing will be available and whether the purchaser can afford such financing.

A two percent (2%) commission will be paid to Co-operating Brokers at closing of sale through escrow for properly registered clients.

Majority of the lots are no less than approximately 100 feet wide.

If the camp is approved the house can be built as big as county and association guidelines permit. However, there may also be additional restrictions on building a home by City & County.

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