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Agriculture Products

The term “agricultural product” means any agricultural commodity or product, whether raw or processed, including any commodity or product derived from livestock that is marketed in the United States for human or livestock consumption

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What are examples of agriculture?

Cotton, wool, and leather are all agricultural products. Agriculture also provides wood for construction and paper products. These products, as well as the agricultural methods used, may vary from one part of the world to another. Over centuries, the growth of agriculture contributed to the rise of civilizations

What are 6 agricultural products?

The term 'commodity' is commonly used in reference to basic agricultural products that are either in their original form or have undergone only primary processing. Examples include cereals, coffee beans, sugar, palm oil, eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables, beef, cotton and rubber.

What are the 7 major food crops?

Food staples are eaten regularly—even daily—and supply a major proportion of a person's energy and nutritional needs. Cassava, maize, plantains, potatoes, rice, sorghum, soybeans, sweet potatoes, wheat, and yams are some of the leading food crops around the world

What are 10 examples of grow foods?

Examples of 'Grow' foods include chicken, meat, fish, eggs and milk, cheese and yoghurt. All of these foods help to keep us feeling full so that we don't get hungry straight away. 'Grow' foods also help keep our brain bright and focused.

What are natural grown foods?

Natural foods are free of synthetic or artificial ingredients or additives. "Health foods" is a general term that may be applied to natural or organic foods, or to regular foods that have undergone less processing than usual, such as stone-ground whole-grain flours.

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